Cogeco Coffee Machines S.p.A., 24. 10. 2017
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Duty to inform

In compliance with art. 13 of the D.Lgs. N. 196/2003, we hereby inform you that the personal data collected during the drawing up and signature process of the contract will be processed and handled in honesty and lawfulness and that such data are required for the following reasons:

  • To fulfil an obligation set forth by a set of regulations, the Italian or the European law;
  • To fulfil the obligations deriving from the present contract/s of which the subject is part to;
  • In order to easily manage commercial and financial tasks and, as such, your personal data will be processed according to the existing law on commercial and industrial privacy;
  • To deal in the wholesale trade of coffee and carry out all the activities related to it;
  • For management, commercial and accounting purposes.
All the personal data will be processed at GRIMAC S.p.A., via Machiavelli, 5 - 34132 TRIESTE, by means of printed, electronic or computing forms for the performance of contractual and lawful obligations strictly in accordance with the above-mentioned purposes and always granting your safety and privacy.

Personal data may be disclosed to:
  • Public Administration bodies,
  • Private organizations, at large (ie. Banks and lending institutions)
  • Self-employed professionals
as recipients of information in order to fulfil auxiliary tasks connected to the subject of the contract.

Only those subjects who have been previously entrusted and authorised will be in charge of handling and processing your personal data.

Submitting your personal data is required by law as a prerequisite to establish a business relationship and for the purpose of fulfilling all the present and future contract obligations between yourself and our company; we inform you that the non-submittal of compulsory data affects, partly or wholly, the correct and legal establishment of a business relationship, therefore the contract may never be finalised.

In compliance with art. 7 of the aforementioned code of laws, parties are entitled to access their personal data, obtain rectification, updating or the erasure, if incomplete, wrong or collected unlawfully and to object, in whole or in part, on legitimate grounds, to the processing of their personal data simply by forwarding a request to the Data Controller and Processor.
The Data Controller and Processor is GRIMAC S.p.A., Tax payer number 00499660314, tel. 040-363434, fax 040-365088, e-mail:
The designated Representative in charge is Mr. VIDONI ROBERTO.
In order to exercise your aforementioned rights as stated by art. 7 of the Laws on Privacy, you are required to send a written request to the attention of GRIMAC S.r.l. Via Machiavelli, 5 - 34132 TRIESTE.