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Aroma specialist: a history of real taste!
Variety, comprehensiveness, efficiency, quality, service… our strenghts to offer you the best!

Rich portfolio

Highly functional products for an integrated range of products From professional machines meant to satisfy the needs of busy coffee shops, to domestic solutions ideal for enthusiasts, from cold brew coffee machines to filtration products, our group can meet all the desires of their demanding customers.

Patented research

Innovation, competitive R&D and… inventionCompetence, professionalism and passion brought us to develop reliable products, which will last forever. The company has always taken great care for environmental issues and patented a system to maximize the use of power for water heating.

Global offer

We develop trustworthy relations, always to the benefit of the end consumerGrimac enjoy excellent positions in domestic and international market, with customers in all Italy, in Europe, in the Middle and Far East. The company is always ready to increase its international experience and go further.

Full service

Service quality and training Grimac is oriented toward the customers and the quality of the service provided. Courtesy efficiency and competence characterize all our staff. To guarantee professionalism Grimac propose updating and training classes, either in-house or not and deliver a participation certificate.


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The range




Murano Energy+


Ducale Energy

Murano: passion, research, innovation
Available in electronic version, is born with the new Energy+ technology, which includes insulated boiler to avoid heat losses, pump protection with energy recoveryand easy stand-by programming through the stand-by display and the touch screen keyboard. The new ESTC system (Electronic Stability Temperature Control) permits an easy regulation of the optimal temperature of each group, keeping it stable also in case of high work peaks. This allows to have a perfect and constant erogation with every kind of coffee blend.  
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