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About us

A simple story, a typical example of Italian entrepreneurship made by two essential elements: a man and his dream. Our history starts in the 60s, when the man, Giancarlo Gardosi, driven by his dream, his great passion for coffee, entered the world of coffee founding “Grimac” small enterprise supplying spare parts and assistance to the major brands present on the market for machines used by professional bars. This activity allowed him to discover the secrets which dignify the moment when the coffee is poured into the cup in order to reward us with repeated moments of pleasure. Thanks to this experience, he was able to imagine the ideal machine, the one which, more than the others, could increase the value of the aroma and taste of the coffee. That’s how in the 90s the production of GRIMAC espresso machines started in order to exploit at the best the expertise acquired in more than twenty years, hence giving a strong personal imprint to the know-how of Grimac. Grimac entered the espresso machine market in a competitive way and quite immediately reached a substantial position, becoming one of the main companies in Italy. Since then the international vocation of the company has constantly grown up thanks also to the amplification of our products range concerning the integration of Fiorenzato professional coffee machines, product serving the and domestic market and the partnership with one of the leading beverage group in Italy: WaterLine and Bevco group. Today, we present ourselves on the market by way of our line of professional coffee and vending machines, traditional and with pods, through the enthusiasm of someone who is constantly on the search for perfection and always has an ever clearer objective in his mind: to produce and supply machines which allow the expression of all the qualities and the taste of coffee and which are able to satisfy customers’ needs.

Strenght and elegance made in Italy

Creating a masterpiece is not easy… you need care, inspiration and passion: it is the only way to exalt the quality of nature’s gifts and make it possible for such an item to reach a priceless value, emitting solidness and durability. That’s how we have been producing and supplying machines which allow all the qualities and the taste of coffee to be expressed. The final result in the cup is in fact the most important characteristic of our machines, small works of art completely made in Italy conceived to complete the best the cycle which transforms a coffee bean in the peaceful moment which we love the most.



The constant search for perfection can be seen in our attention to research and development: more than 20 patents allow us to offer the ideal product for each of the 50 countries around the world in which we are present. Moreover, we are able to personalize the machines according to particular esthetical and functional needs. A stimulus towards new ways which are rooted in our experience and that is guided by the essence of our task: to exalt the coffee’s expression.


Service quality is essential for us, that is why our company has always organised training courses, both for technicians who are entering for the first time in the world of espresso machines and for those who have already gained sound experience in the field and want to specialize in our products. Training is organized periodically at our plant in Zola Predosa (BO); on request we can also schedule specific training on your site. The purpose is to give not only information about all the coffee machines we produce, but also to train our customers on the installation, maintenance and fixing of our equipments.

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