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Ittria is the innovative machine, a mix of design, technology and functionality. With this machine, the professional barista will always be able to work with constant efficiency. Design is characterized by dynamic and refined lines, and a succession of full and empty spaces.

Using the display, you can easily program and control all the various functionalities of this machine. The six-dose pushbutton panel and the backlighted icons make the operator’s work clear and easy. The work surface area is lit by a led light; this, in addiction with the practical lower cup tray, simplifies the barista’s job. Ittria’s body and components are all made of stainless steel (recyclable) and abs (recyclable). For this reason, it is a very low environmental impact product. It has a multiboiler system, which allows each part of the machine to be always under control when working autonomously. Ittria is adaptable to any type of mixture or single origin coffee beans; this product is able to highlight coffee’s chemical, physical and olfactory features.



• Available in automatic version, with volumetric dosing
• Stainless steel frame (recyclable)
• Adjustable pins
• Stainless steel body and abs (recyclable)
• Led work surface area
• Stainless steel completely removable upper tray for cups
• Gauge for water pressure control
• Gauges for pressure control of every single boiler
• 6-dose pushbutton panel
• Touchscreen display to directly control boiler level and pressure
• SMB Multi-boiler system (energy saving)
• Stainless steel service boiler with 12 liters capacity
• Stainless steel coffee boiler with 1.2 liter capacity
• Two steam tap levers “dry steam system”
• Two stainless steel steam wands
• Water tap touch control
• Hot and cold water mix
• Lift-up groups and moveable lower cup tray (three levels)
• Ergonomic filter holders and anti-slip handles
• Electronic cup warmer
• Incorporated motor pump


• ‘Cool Touch’ steam wand



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