S5 Box

The new Professional machine working for the environment

Unique design with glass panels and covered groups, designed to reduce the impact on the environment,controlling the energy consumption.

Available in electronic version, is born with the new Energy+ technology, which includes insulated boiler to avoid heat losses, pump protection with energy recoveryand easy stand-by programming through the stand-by display and the touch screen keyboard. The new ESTC system (Electronic Stability Temperature Control) permits an easy regulation of the optimal temperature of each group, keeping it stable also in case of high work peaks. This allows to have a perfect and constant erogation with every kind of coffee blend. The mixing system allows to reduce the performance drop of the machine in case of strong use of hot water. The two serial Powersteam nozzles allow easy milk frothing for an always impeccable cappuccino. Available also with high groups (Tall version).

- Programmable Energy Technology;
- ESTC System;
- Insulated boiler;
- Motor protection with energy recovery;
- Hot water mixing system;
- 1 Boiler gauge and 1 pump brake-gauge.

- Cups warmer;
- Glass top;
- Beats counter;
- Cappuccino maker;
- Manual/Automatic softener;
- Filter holder for coffee pods/coffee capsules/American coffee.


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