S5 Box

The pods Double for small communities

The unique pods double coffee machine. Dada Vapor Doppia is a coffee machine equipped with hot water and steam. Furthermore has very small dimensions and is suitable for any location..

The traditional and high reliable heat exchanger system allows an excellent supply in the cup.

- Pods coffee machine;
- 2 Shatterproof 2 L tanks with built-inwater softeners;
- Indipendent ON-OFF Groups;
- Indipendent brass heat exchangers (coffee and steam groups);
- Vibration pumps;
- On/off machine light.

- Cup warmer;
- Cappuccino maker;
- High resistance connector for cappucino maker;
- 38ΓΈ filter holder;
- Cartridge softener;
- Osmosi Sack softener.


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